Father’s Day(?)

To the dysfunctional fathers' Address - Around the World This letter is a humble request from your child. I want to tell you many things but can't find any courage to do so. Please, read this with open mind and try to understand. A child's hand holding flower Dear Sir, Every father's day, it's a... Continue Reading →

Middle Class Things

Part 3 Durgapur has quarters like these, windows with termite eaten wooden panels, rusted iron rods, patched light blue walls, ant trails, dust covering literally everything. My whole life passed in these quarters allotted by DSP(Durgapur Steel Plant) to their middle grade workers. Houses are itself a reminder of our position in the town and... Continue Reading →

Middle Class Things

Part 2 Never had the luxury of having my own room. My own bed was my corner. It has always been messy and I believe it'll continue to be... There are wires hanging, damp walls, cobwebs, dust, old plug boxes, big hanging fans, nylon curtains and so many small things. Was it because we couldn't... Continue Reading →

Middle Class Things

Part 1 I would hear the slow sound of approaching wheels of my dad's bike. With that sound, me and my mom used to start setting things according to his liking's, putting up food and plates, tidying us to look decent enough. I didn't understand, why were we doing this if he's a part of... Continue Reading →

Creeping Barrenness

There are people like me, somewhere on this big world, who've been through the same troubles. 20 years of my life I felt my mother's warmth majorly. A typical dysfunctional family, you can say, is what I belong to. Single-handedly, efforts were put into me consistently, by one person alone, so that I can come... Continue Reading →

Work in Progress

There are lots and lots of happy moments but the major part of our life is constant hustle. 19 year old used to think it's temporary, just like the favourite dialogue of our especially Indian parents, "Just one more year and your life is sorted". I believed and applied it in every area of my... Continue Reading →

Certified Pessimist

For a long time in my life since childhood I have been putting on an act of "jolly mate" not even a friend, that I have exhausted myself. Now, I just want to roll in my blanket with self pity as companion, putting on my resting bitch face. Yeah it's not the right way to... Continue Reading →

Women’s’ Problem

For 9 years and continuing, I've been a patient of PCOD. Being an extreme case, I also have acanthosis nigricans. This is me coming out with this fact of mine aiming to normalize the conversation around it and eliminating the ignorance too. My life has been and is bumpy because of this. As much as... Continue Reading →

Growing Up

It might be an unpopular opinion but the scenario of moving out of your home and living in an unknown place has been spoken about in considerable less amount. Maybe the reasons being, we all need escapes and not a single reminder of the harshness of our reality even through entertainment. For the longest time... Continue Reading →

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